Adult Orthodontics


One of biggest changes in orthodontics in the last 10 years has been the rise of adults receiving orthodontic treatment. While this option has always been available, the time has never been better to get treatment as an adult.

Often times, many of the adults who would like to get their teeth straightened, but have a hard time committing to a mouth full of large metal braces or lengthy treatment times. Well, things have changed.

We have options for minimal lifestyle impact

Adult patient with Dr. Starling and team, orthodontist in Nashville, TN Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN for adult and pediatric orthodontics.

Don’t be afraid!  You have company at our office.


We love adult treatment, and a large part of our practice is dedicated to helping adults get the smile they have always wanted.  Come see our adult-friendly office and orthodontic innovations that will make you smile with confidence- even during the process!

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