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World class office. On time, super clean, friendly staff, ultra professional, communicative, great coffee for the parents. EXCELLENT and free consultation. Dr. Starling is very personal and has made our kid’s experience with braces easy and relaxed. The maintenance visits are a breeze. Would recommend to any family looking for the right orthodontist.

Melly S.

My son, who is on the autism spectrum, had his braces put on today. He came in feeling very apprehensive, however, Dr. Starling and his entire staff explained everything to him and quickly put his mind at ease. My son was even joking with them by the time we left! Everyone was friendly and kind and made this experience a good one for my son!

kelly w.

The Ritz Carlton of orthodontists. I have to write a review! I had an early appointment this morning and didn't notice the lint on my pants until I was under the bright light getting adjusted. I was walking out the door 10 minutes later and WA-LA a lint roller appears. Kudos! The staff is a delight to deal with and eager to help with any needs you have. I run a service based business so I critique customer service wherever I go and these guys are great! My teeth are moving nicely and Dr. Starling is the BOSS of Brentwood orthodontics. I want my teeth perfect and this guy is patient and takes his time to make sure everything looks great and my OCD couldn't be more pleased!

Kelly W.

They seem to always be running on time which is very rare now a days! VERY friendly staff! Amazing results! Highly recommend!

Julie D.

Love the folks at Starling Ortho. Getting braces isn’t fun but they all made it positive for my son. He never complained about coming. Highly recommend.

adam b.

They are friendly, caring, and affordable. They are eager to help my daughter during her time in braces and answer any questions either of us have to keep us informed. The facility is top notch and very clean. Employee are A1!

shon d.

We have been with Starling Orthodontics for 7 years and 3 sets of braces. Dr. Starling has done amazing work and my children all have a beautiful smile because of him. He is patient, informative, and kind. He spends the time to explain everything that needs to be done and to answer all questions. His staff is also wonderful and easy to work with. I would recommend Starling Orthodontics to anyone looking for orthodontic care.

stacy m.

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