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How Technology is Changing Orthodontics

How Technology is Changing Orthodontics

Orthodontics is not a new art, with decades of experience going into each set of braces or retainers used for aligning the teeth. However, cutting edge technology is rapidly changing the process of aligning the smile for a better bite pattern and more attractive appearance. If you haven’t had braces yourself in a few years, you may be surprised at how different the process is today. Whether you’re bringing in your children for their orthodontic treatment or need a quick realignment to deal with shifting from age, here’s how technology has improved orthodontics across the board.

New Options for Better Braces

Clear braces combine light-colored brackets with nearly invisible wires to greatly reduce the appearance of braces. Ceramic brackets in general do a good job of blending in with your natural teeth. They’re far less noticeable than the metal variety. New breakthroughs in wire and temporary adjustment devices allow for better results when traditional braces are used. These types of orthodontics are more adaptable than ever while still delivering the greatest amount of adjustment.

Invisible Aligners and Retainers

For some alignment issues, invisible aligners make the changes without the need for brackets and wires. They’re easily removed so you can clean them and eat and drink whatever you like. Follow-up retainers for use after wearing traditional braces can be made with invisible materials as well so they’re easy to wear during the day as needed. With many people avoiding braces because of the appearance of them, invisible alignment tools are an encouraging option that won’t impact your social life.

3D Scanning and Modeling Options

Physical impressions were once the primary method of modeling the teeth for the creation of retainers and other orthodontic devices. Today’s technology allows for scanning and intraoral camera use to create 3D models that are more accurate than most physical impressions. That means braces work better and faster than ever before with less discomfort. Even aligners and retainers will give you a better fit. 3D modeling also makes it easier for the dentist to predict how your teeth will shift and gives you a preview of what your smile might look like when the orthodontic treatment is done.

3D Printing

While most orthodontic equipment still isn’t 3D printed quite yet, the day may soon come when most of the materials come from this manufacturing method. 3D printed models of your teeth and dental devices can aid in planning and fitting the devices. Holding a model of your teeth or the retainers you’ll use in your hand makes the whole process more real and easier to understand. As 3D printing technology continues to develop, it’s expected to play an even larger role in dentistry and orthodontics in particular.

Teledentistry and Expertise at a Distance

While you’ll need to sit in the chair for work like having braces placed or having wires tightened, you have more options for general consultations with orthodontic experts. You can reach out to the most experienced dentists in the field for advice if you have a complex situation through the power of teledentistry. Phone, text, and video meetings allow you to describe the issues you’re having to your dentist or another orthodontic expert. You can get help after hours and on weekends when you’d otherwise have to resort to an emergency visit. There’s no need to travel long distances for every orthodontic appointment if you choose an office that has embraced teledentistry technology.

Accelerated Results

Today’s orthodontic technology is getting results faster than ever. Whether you choose invisible aligners or traditional braces, better designs and materials mean quicker alignment changes. You’ll spend less than two years undergoing treatment in most cases, with even complex adjustments needing only months after that. Most patients can get back to their normal routine in as little as 18 months, especially if they don’t need extensive adjustments. Your orthodontist Dr. Starling, in Brentwood TN can tell you exactly what to expect based on your starting positions and the devices you choose for treatment.

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